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Duo by Alex Pate – A Still Growing Database of Color Combinations

August 20, 2021
You have been using various colors for your creative design works. However, you want something different this time – a... Read More

Iconfinder: The Google for Millions of High-Quality Icons to Easily Use

August 18, 2021
Are you looking for icons to spice up websites, commercial projects, or educational presentations? Iconfinder website is the right place... Read More

Mix and Match Colors Easily with Happy Hues

August 14, 2021
Choosing the right color combination for the perfect design can be hard. Luckily, Happy Hues is available to help designers... Read More

Designing Using A Vector Graphics Editor: Figma Reviewed

June 24, 2021
With the tagline of, “Minds meeting minds is how great ideas meet the world,” Figma strives to usher your teams together... Read More
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