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35 Best Fashion Fonts for Fashion-Related Business

20. Handbrake

Show the uniqueness of your fashion-related business by implementing fashion fonts for the branding. Hypnotize your audience with the right ambiance to make them trust yours. So, are you ready to see the font choices now? Let’s go through the curated list below!

35 Amazing Fashion Fonts for Your Boutique

When it comes to fashion, you might think that it has diverse interpretations. Some say fashion needs an elegant font with a scripted style, and others might say otherwise. That’s why you’ll find many font types suitable for your business persona here.

1. Wastogi

Wastogi Beautiful Serif for Fashion Brand


Bring your fashion to life using the Wastogi typeface, which has an elegant mode. Its high contrast lines and strokes style will steal everyone’s attention.

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2. Broocklyn

Broocklyn Brush Script Font


Show the free style of your brand with Broocklyn, as it is made with a scripted style and as if it was made with a brush. The rustic appeal of this font can also make your brand stand out.

3. Sebastian

Sebastian Fashion Modern Serif Font Type


Sebastian, one of the alluring fonts, makes everyone who sees it feel the luxury. It’s the perfect font choice for a refined dress boutique.

4. Galvanis

Galvanis Brush Advertisement Font


Fashion is not only about a sophisticated style. You might also be fond of Galvanis since it has a bold style and strokes, so it would be well-suited for adventure clothes shops.

5. Renaisans

Renaisans Sans Modern Serif Font


The flowy strokes for some alphabets in the Renaisans font remind you of the beauty of fashion, as it feels dramatic yet still unique.

6. Graphire

Graphire Modern Elegant Serif as Fashion Fonts


Put your simple logo alongside Graphire font to emphasize your fashion brand’s sophistication.

7. Bestari

Bestari Decorative Serif Font


Bestari is one of the go-to fashion magazine fonts. Its serifs and swashes turn the audience’s head in no time. 

8. Halymon

Halymon Signature Script Font


Since fashion would be identical to a signature script font, you must take advantage of the Halymon typeface. Each glyph looks distinct but seems harmonious when you arrange them in copy text.

9. Sacramento

Sacramento Modern Ligature Serif Font


Craft a classy advertisement for your fashion brand only with Sacramento. Apply it as a quote’s font on your business website to deliver a relaxing atmosphere.

10. Moores

Moores Modern Serif Font


Make your customers amazed by the look of the glyphs from Moores typeface. It’s one of the fashion fonts that would greatly represent a fashion modernity.

11. Tropikana

Tropikana Monoline Vintage Typeface


Put your timeless design alongside Tropikana font, which has characters with alluring glyphs. This one works romanticaly for fashion jewelry products. 

12. Connecticut

Connecticut Modern Fashion Font


Use Connecticut, an old fashion font that also seems timeless. It highlights retro vibes yet is a great pair for a contemporary fashion brand identity.

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13. Rostemary

Rostemary Elegant Business Font


Light up your fashion brand summer collection using the Rostemary Elegant typeface. It enlivens the mood with an endearing charm!

14. Broster

Broster Slab Font for Fashion Brand


Broster is one of the fonts for fashion brands that work well with a distro concept. Its simple serif style provides quality readability on style!

15. Rosalina

Rosalina Stylish Serif Fashion Font


Rosalina typeface puts a stunning point in fashion brands’ new collection posters, photographs, or social media posts. 

16. Margheritte

Margheritte Modern Script Font


Use a handwriting style with an alluring look to emphasize the freedom style of a fashion statement. Its swashes could also underline that style correctly.

17. Estylle

Estylle Madison Calligraphy for Fashion Brand


Bring out the classy look on your design only by applying the Estylle typeface as one of the modern fashion fonts. Diverse kinds of swashes are also available to complete your design.

18. Entreaty

Entreaty Handlettering Script Font


The Entreaty typeface has that handsome masculinity soul. Dare to apply this to men’s fashion accessories brand?

19. Gaston

Gaston & Jacklyn Stylish Signature Font


Tailor your pretty design with the touch of stunning ligatures from Gaston typeface. You may use this typeface for your wedding invitation as well!

20.  Handbrake

Handbrake Stylish Handlettering as Fashion Fonts


Creatively written words with a big, bold brush will greatly impact your business. Trust the Handbrake typeface to get your sales up!

21. Corleone

Corleone Elegant Serif Font


Bring the aesthetic vibes of your brand with the Corleone typeface. This typeface is full of graceful characters that represent timeless and classy charm.

22. Mastery

Mastery Hand Brush Font


When looking at the list of fashion fonts, you will need a super enchanting one for your brands. Mastery typeface speaks your purpose sensibly. 

23. Genyvila

Genyvila Handbrush Business Font


Emphasize your brand by putting cool swashes from Genyvila. This hand-brush script font can perfectly accompany your fabulous distro design.

24. Junkies

Junkies Style Bold Script Font for Fashion Brands


Captivate your potential customers by applying Junkies typeface to your amazing design. Put the swashes under your brand’s name to keep their attention to you.

25. Ruincity

Ruincity Handwritten Monoline Font


Ruincity Typeface won’t ruin your luxury brand’s campaign! Its quirky style compliments them with friendly exclusivity. 

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26. Juliette

Juliette Handwritten Script Font


Juliette’s typeface has alluring characters to keep your fashion brand looking premium in an intimate way.  

27. Garry

Garry Shelby Stylish Handwritten Font


The various swashes that Garry font has will help your message engage your audience better. Try to combine them and make a gorgeous and loud statement!

28. Rocking

Rocking Rock and Roll Font


One of the fashion fonts that can also be used for rock music advertisements may be the right choice for your distro. Trying Rocking Rock n Roll typeface may be the best idea!

29. Halowyne

Halowyne Handdrawn Brush Font for Fashion Brands


A distro always needs eccentric touch. Put Halowyne Brush Font to do a special occassion marketing campaign!

30. Banshee

Banshee Brush Script Font


Not only designated for apparel brands, the Banshee Brush Script could also be a nice choice for promoting sports activities!

31. Dastend

Dastend Signature Brush Font


Dastend Signature Brush font has that classy touch. So, why don’t you combine the fancy style visual design for your fashion brand’s Black Friday sale?

32. Samanthy

Samanthy Stylish Brush Script Font


Show the unrestrained feeling by putting a unique motto on your t-shirt products. Samanthy Brush Script font is an ideal choice to do the job. 

33. Southwell

Southwell Brush Script Font


Southwell, one of the fonts for fashion brands, is often the best pick since it has a scratch effect and natural movement. Intrigued about using this typeface?

34. Westlynn

Westlynn Brush Calligraphy Font


Westlynn Brush font will certainly beautify your product’s image! Put the matching color to meet the eye!

35. Ginalys

Ginalys Bold Brush Font for Fashion Brands


Let your magazine edition be more fashionable by applying Gynalis Bold Brush font. Its natural handwriting style helps you relate with the MZ generation better!

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What Kind of Fashion Fonts You Choose?

Finding the best font may cost you a lot of time, but it is worth the struggle. Hence, make a special time to focus on choosing the right typeface for your brand, as it plays a vital role in your business endeavor.

Order your fonts from Creatype Studio now and see how it would facilitate and elevate your business objectives!

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