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25 Fanciest YouTube Fonts To Highlight Your Channel

There are countless YouTube channels that anyone can access these days. It depends on what one needs and wants to see. Getting more viewers on yours is a normal challenge on this platform. There are many ways to do that without the risk of getting your channel suspended or, even worse, banned.

YouTube is practically a digital battlefield in terms of gaining engagement and monetization. To get your channel noticed and liked, one of the things to do is to get the right YouTube fonts. The right font will highlight your channel. Not only will people stay and watch, but they might also recommend your channel to other people they know.

Without further ado, here are 25 fancy examples for your YouTube channel:

        1. Brandquest
        2. Essperanza
        3. Danki Font
        4. Sachssy
        5. Coffistylove Font
        6. Kreature
        7. Quicksilver
        8. Black Foroth Font
        9. Burning Down!
        10. Qindars Font
        11. Bedtime Story
        12. Hancoke
        13. Segira Font Family
        14. Brownies Fun Children Display
        15. Thertole Font
        16. Hello Sunny
        17. Roshfox
        18. Weroth Font
        19. Ethernal
        20. Cutney Font
        21. Hollidays Fun Children
        22. Mandhy
        23. Dovens Personal Use Font
        24. Brotherhood
        25. Dino Jumps


1 Cover 8

If your YouTube channel is a black-and-white, simple animation, you can start off with Brandquest as the font. The textured brush represents jumpy characters, which is perfect for the dynamic movements of the animated pictures. You can even access it through both PC and Mac.

One of the examples of a YouTube channel that uses Brandquest is “Simon The Cat”. The black and white animation tells a series of short, simple, and funny stories about a cat named Simon who lives in a studio apartment with his master.

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Essperanza_Cover 1

This YouTube font may highlight your fashion and beauty brand channel. It looks almost as real as any original handwritten script made by hand. The gap between letters is also reasonable, so you do not have to worry about not having it readable enough.

With Essperanza, your YouTube channel will look feminine, sophisticated, and elegant. You can use it for your in-video titles, thumbnails, and even caption whenever you need it.

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Danki Font

danki font 2 big

Want something that looks playful for your YouTube channel, whether as a title or a thumbnail? Check out Danki Font. Each letter looks bloated and a bit shaky as if they have a life of their own. Besides getting them in simple black-and-white, you can also add some patterns—like dots, for example. Turn them into colorful stuff? Why not?

There are plenty of cartoon channels on YouTube that use Danki Font as their titles. You can also use this one for your fun travel shows or culinary reviews.

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1 Cover Sachssy

Sexy as the name sounds, this YouTube font offers an elegant, classy handwritten text with a modern brush. If your channel talks about fashion, the latest lifestyle, and all things city girls may love, then this font is definitely for you. From pastel colors to bright ones, this font works wonders too.

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Coffistylove Font

coffistylove font 2 big

Your travel and culinary channel on YouTube will not stand out without this font. Just like the name, Coffistylove Font combines elegance, soft earth-tone shades, and, yes, coffee-related themes. Whether as your channel title or thumbnails, this font works well.

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1 Cover 19

Are you into horror movies or everything goth-related? If your YouTube channel talks about Halloween stuff, horror movie reviews, or goth-rock in general, try Kreature as your YouTube font. With a dark background and swashes of the caption, your channel has the creepy factor highlighted.

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1 Cover 7

The first impression you will get when you look at this font is its boldness. It also looks as if the letters are always ready for a spin. Just like its name represents speed, you can use this font if your YouTube channel is related to automotive or high-intensity sports. For example, car racing.

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Black Foroth Font

black foroth font 3 big

Stocky and simple, Black Foroth Font easily stands out as a YouTube font. If your channel talks about science fiction, science in general, or even conspiracy theories, then go for it with this. You can also use this font if your channel talks about online gaming a lot.

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Burning Down!

1 Cover 25

Do not feel intimidated by the name of the font. Although it sounds hot, it does not give you an aflame vibe. The letters are very much readable, with a considerably large size and a reasonable gap in between. Want to talk about the latest topics or the hottest trends on your YouTube channel? Just “burn it down” with this font.

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Qindars Font

qindars font 2 big

This font is stocky and cute. The winning part of this YouTube font is how you can use it for almost many things. Qindars Font is quite versatile because you can either use it for your cartoon channel on YouTube or gaming reviews. You can also never go wrong if you prefer using it for your sports channel or movie reviews.

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Bedtime Story

Bedtime Story_Cover 1

Nope, the font does not make you feel sleepy. In fact, when you look at it, all you get is a sense of fun and cuteness. The letters are simple, readable, and workable if you combine them with a light or dark background. Just like the name, the font makes you feel like reading a bedtime story.

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Despite the small gap between letters, Hancoke is still very much readable as a YouTube font. When you combine the light-colored letters with the dark background, you get a nice title screen for a horror movie or a short documentary about ocean life. If it is the opposite, well, think about something fun and playful for your channel.

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Segira Font Family

segira font 2 big

There are many ideas you can think of with this font in them. For starters, you can have a culinary and travel channel on YouTube with this as an in-video title. Another idea would be to have an advertising channel. The font is quite slim but rather round on some parts, which may highlight your YouTube channel.

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Brownies Fun Children Display


The name sounds yummy and might probably make you feel hungry. Since there are plenty of channels for YouTube For Kids, this YouTube font is perfect for one. With colorful and yummy backgrounds (pictures of brownies, for example), your channel is fit to talk about kids’ stuff and treats they might like.

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Thertole Font

thertole font 3 big

Solid with thick edges, Thertole Font might remind you of titles on ancient history channels. With this font, you do not have to limit your creativity. You can also use this font as a title or a thumbnail for your game review channels or kids’ cartoons.

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Hello Sunny

hello sunny

This is another versatile YouTube font that can highlight your channel. Solid, with colorful letters and backgrounds, you can use Hello Sunny for your summer fashion channel, beach life documentary, and cartoons.

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1 Cover 57

Let’s get a little bit ‘foxy’ with this font. If your YouTube channel is about children, kids’ movies and stuff, or fun family adventures, try Roshfox as the font for a change. It definitely stands your channel out.

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Weroth Font

weroth font 3 big

This YouTube font is perfect for gaming channels or channels for older kids. Large, bloated, and stocky, the letters look like balloons being blown up—but to a stable proportion. The R has an extra tail below. 

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1 Cover 54

Here comes another font that is slim, beautifully brushed, and with a nice gap in between letters. If your YouTube channel talks about music, as in the latest bands, then Ethernal is probably the right font for your title.

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Cutney Font

cutney font 3 big

Stocky, playful, with uneven sizes between letters, Cutney Font represents a cool, modern display that will definitely highlight your YouTube channel. From online gaming to cartoons, it is also a versatile YouTube font.

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Hollidays Fun Children

1 Cover 27

Just like the name, this font is perfect for all things kids’ related. From the summer holiday to games and toys, your YouTube channel definitely needs this font. You can even make the letters look jiggly, which is so playful to see.

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1 Cover 4

The name itself is short and straightforward. As serif sans with natural movement and brush style, Mandhy looks perfect for nature or travel channels on YouTube. It is very much readable, with a pretty wide gap between letters.

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Dovens Personal Use Font

dovens personal use font 2 big

Let’s get personal with Dovens? Nope, but you can use this for personal use. If your company has a YouTube channel, Dovens is the option for you. Some reality shows might also look good with this font as a title.

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1 Cover 14

Bold, loud, and manly. These are the first three impressions you get when you look at this YouTube font. A dynamic-looking brush on each letter makes it look perfect if your YouTube channel talks about e-sports, parkour, and other sports gear reviews.

If your idea for Brotherhood is to have titles on your rock music channel or shows about boys’ life on the road, then why not?

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Dino Jumps

dino jumps font 3 big

Last but not least, here comes another simple yet playful font for kids’ shows on YouTube. Although there is hardly a gap between letters, the shadowy outlines make it possible for you to read them as titles or thumbnails.

Another example that you can do is to use Dino Jumps for comedy shows. For example, a YouTube channel about people doing a parody of cartoon shows in real life.

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These are the 25 fancy YouTube fonts that can highlight your YouTube channel. You can choose one of them based on the concept of your channel. Make sure that your title is not too long—or people will not be able to remember that easily. After all, there is this thing called a ‘three-second’ attention span.

So, are you ready to highlight your YouTube channel?

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