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picture of A Thorough Guide on What Typography Is and Some Helpful Tips
Everything readable that comes in the written form, whether it’s on the books, web searches, or mobile devices, belongs to the world of typography. So, what is typography? How are we able to digest written words from the way typography is arranged? From event brochures to street signs, types can be found all
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picture of This is How You Can Organize Your Fonts like Professional Designers
As a designer, you may find yourself collecting fonts for different projects or simply keeping them just if you need them one day. While downloading and installing the fonts can be done in a matter of minutes, organizing them is a struggle. Imagine having to look for the right font when working on
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picture of Typeface Vs. Font: Comprehensive Guide to What You Should Know about These Two
Many terms are swirling around the typography designing world, but most commonly referred to and confused on at the same time are a typeface and a font. If you’re still in the middle of understanding these two, we welcome you aboard. You’re not alone. Do you know that sometimes designers also question them?
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