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picture of Designing Your Fonts from the Tip of Your Finger: iFontMaker Reviewed
As you can probably guess from its name, iFontMaker is designed for iOS users everywhere who share a fondness for designing beautiful fonts. Read on to find out why this app is highly recommended and what features you can expect upon installing it.     Handmade Fonts Under 5 Minutes For anybody favoring
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picture of Free and Accessible for Beginners and Professionals: FontForge Reviewed
FontForge celebrates fonts as a work of art, and it highly encourages beginner and advanced typography designers to share their creative work. Promotional sentence aside, however, what should be known about FontForge?     Forging Fonts with Purpose and Fun I think it’s interesting to note that thousands of people are downloading fonts
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picture of No Bull, No Nothing: Pentacom BitFontMaker2TM Reviewed
Oftentimes, typography designers are faced with the confusion of using complex font editing platforms. They end up not creating the best version of the fonts they want because they don’t know how to explore all the menus and features on those platforms. However, what if I said that there’s one site where you
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picture of Experimenting Fonts Using Geometrical Shapes: FontStruct Reviewed
Give it away to FontStruct for having the most straightforward brand title because I don’t even have to guess what it does. The same can be said for its logo, neatly built like Lego stacks—more or less. FontStruct, however, is so much more than that. It’s like what they love to promote: Build,
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