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9 Important Aspects to Look For in a Tablet for Graphic Design

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Many designers probably think that tablet for graphic design is uncomfortable or unnecessary. However, once you get familiar with using it, this device can improve your designing game. It has great features and flexibility, which make graphic designing a lot easier and hassle-free!

There are plenty of brands and models available in the market. Finding one that perfect for you can be a little overwhelming, especially if this will be your first time buying and using a tablet for graphic design. But do not worry, consider these important aspects when you’re choosing one for you:

1. Active area


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Active area means the space available for you to draw. For graphic design, you should look for a tablet with a minimum of 12×12 active area, which resembles the size of a sheet of paper.

However, remember that bigger does not always mean better. Consider how you are going to work with that tablet. Whether you are highly mobile or not. If you do, a bigger tablet usually will become a hassle to take around with you.

2. Features


tablet for graphic design

Check all the features available that can support your work. Shortcut button or multi-touch sensor can be great features to have too. Not all graphics tablets have a Bluetooth feature. Make sure to check that too if it is an important feature for you.

3. Hot Keys


tablet3 scaled e1619362431936

Hotkeys or shortkeys are great features to have so that you can work with your tablet easily and save a lot of time and effort. It is usually customizable, so you can personalize it however you want.

4. Stylus


tablet for graphic design

Stylus or optical pen will help you draw, just like when you are using paper and pen. It is an essential accessory in a tablet for graphic design, so make sure you find one that feels comfortable for you.

5. Model Type


tablet5 scaled e1619362549734

There are three model types available on the market, flat tablet, on-screen monitor, and portable tablet. The flat model is the cheapest and lightest. You only need to connect it to your computer, and you can draw easily while the result is displayed on your PC screen.

The on-screen monitor is the most expensive type; however, it offers greater versatility as you can have better clarity when drawing. However, the portable tablet is most flexible because you do not need to connect it to a computer to draw.

6. Pressure Sensitivity


tablet for graphic design

It would help if you also considered the pressure sensitivity of the tablet. Generally, higher is better since that means you can better control the thickness of the lines you draw. The recommended pressure level is between 1024 and 2048.

7. Resolution


tablet7 scaled e1619362731585

For professional use, the recommended resolution is at least 2540 LPI. However, the 5080 LPI graphic tablet will give you a clearer graphic display.

8. Scrollers


tablet for graphic design

Scrollers are important to move throughout the project you are working on without using the stylus or finger on the active area. Therefore, it will minimize any errors on the screen that you are working on.

9. Wireless or Corded.


tablet9 scaled e1619362886950

Last but not least, choose between wireless or corded model. Corded tablets usually have almost real response time but can be inconvenient, especially if you need to move around. Meanwhile, wireless models offer better flexibility but may have a little delay when you are drawing.

Finding a tablet for graphic design may take some time as you have to browse through any advantages and disadvantages of every model and brand you find. However, with a careful selection, you will find one that is the perfect fit for you and your designing work will improve in no time.

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