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Designing Using A Vector Graphics Editor: Figma Reviewed

June 24, 2021
With the tagline of, “Minds meeting minds is how great ideas meet the world,” Figma strives to usher your teams together... Read More

30 Best Canva Font: An Ultimate Resource for Every Graphic Designer

June 22, 2021
Fonts are more than simply letters. They tell a lot about you or your brand and aid in transmitting particular... Read More

5 Best Budget Laptop for Designer Worth Buying

May 22, 2021
Who doesn’t love a new released laptop with the latest technology like MacBook or Dell Precision? Unfortunately, these two laptops... Read More

5 Recommended Monitor for Graphic Designer

May 20, 2021
Any professional designers know how important a monitor is for their graphic design works. Therefore, it is crucial to find... Read More

9 Important Aspects to Look For in a Tablet for Graphic Design

May 18, 2021
Many designers probably think that tablet for graphic design is uncomfortable or unnecessary. However, once you get familiar with using... Read More

5 Free Photoshop Alternatives With Great Performance

May 16, 2021
Adobe Photoshop is a standard software used for graphic designing. However, we all know how it requires bigger RAM for... Read More

This is How You Can Organize Your Fonts like Professional Designers

May 14, 2021
As a designer, you may find yourself collecting fonts for different projects or simply keeping them just if you need... Read More

5 Best Laptop for Graphic Designer in 2021

May 12, 2021
As laptops continue to come with various models, types, and technologies, finding one that is perfect for you can be... Read More

Finding Out Fonts Identity Conveniently: WhatTheFont Reviewed

May 10, 2021
As a tool provided by MyFonts, a USA-based company, WhatTheFont works automatically after users upload or drop an image. Once... Read More

Typeface Vs. Font: Comprehensive Guide to What You Should Know about These Two

May 08, 2021
Many terms are swirling around the typography designing world, but most commonly referred to and confused at the same time... Read More
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