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Finding Out Fonts Identity Conveniently: WhatTheFont Reviewed

May 10, 2021
As a tool provided by MyFonts, a USA-based company, WhatTheFont works automatically after users upload or drop an image. Once... Read More

Typeface Vs. Font: Comprehensive Guide to What You Should Know about These Two

May 08, 2021
Many terms are swirling around the typography designing world, but most commonly referred to and confused at the same time... Read More

Designing Your Fonts from the Tip of Your Finger: iFontMaker Reviewed

May 06, 2021
As you can probably guess from its name, iFontMaker is designed for iOS users everywhere who share a fondness for... Read More

Free and Accessible for Beginners and Professionals: FontForge Reviewed

May 04, 2021
FontForge celebrates fonts as a work of art, and it highly encourages beginner and advanced typography designers to share their... Read More

30 Creative Kids Font to Liven Up Children-Themed Design

May 02, 2021
With children in mind, designing a project should be inclined to their nature: cute, creative, and more importantly, done in... Read More

No Bull, No Nothing: Pentacom BitFontMaker2TM Reviewed

April 30, 2021
Oftentimes, typography designers are faced with the confusion of using complex font editing platforms. They end up not creating the... Read More

Experimenting Fonts Using Geometrical Shapes: FontStruct Reviewed

April 28, 2021
Give it away to FontStruct for having the most straightforward brand title because I don’t even have to guess what... Read More

30 Stylish Instagram Font for Your Brand Visual

April 26, 2021
When it comes to your brand’s Instagram visual, it’s not enough only to have a unique color palette or fun... Read More

Katy Perry’s Single: Never Really Over – Jelytta Script

June 02, 2019
Katy Perry is roaring back to solo music with a new single on the way. The pop icon revealed Tuesday... Read More

POND’S x Maudy Ayunda – Jelytta Script

October 24, 2018
POND’S under the auspices of PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk. for the first time present a collaboration of product manufacturing between... Read More
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